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Post by Ahkari on Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:05 am

Short Lived Peace

In the world
Lies an island undisturbed
By humans or by their prisoners
Protected by unknown listeners

But now the peace of the island is broken
Destruction has now spoken
Fire Clan is destruction's speaker
Fire Clan, the island's worst deceiver
Courageous describes the whole pack
But compassion was what most of them lack

Earth Clan had heard their terrible shrieks 
Which made each one terribly weak
Earth Clan, a place once humble
Torn apart by Fire Clan's rumble
Yet they were the most lucky
The others were terribly unlucky

Water Clan, a stealthy bunch
Most lives were victim to Fire Clan's punch
They were once the stealthiest of them all
Now Water Clan made a great fall.

Air Clan, my home and a clan with pride
Unluckily fell to Water Clan's side
Fire Clan has destroyed my loving home
Now I'm forced to hunt and roam

I'm left with only my identity
Lets not forget my dignity
I'm starving and I only have nightmares
Is this how well my luck fares? 

Fire Clan will surely pay
I dream once again that Air Clan will play
In the mountains so high and so huge
Now most are in refuge

I wish and hope that one day
That we will serve justice someday
They will hear our voice
Justice is the only choice 

- Ahkari

I hope you've enjoyed this short poem! ^^

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--Short Lived Peace-- Empty Re: --Short Lived Peace--

Post by Klepto on Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:37 pm

OMG. That describes the pack feelings immensely. Thanks so much for writing this, Ahkari!

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