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Character and Roleplay Help Empty Character and Roleplay Help

Post by Terrae on Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:48 am

 Character Creation Help
Do you need help creating your character? Are you unsure of how to role-play for this pack? Don't want to risk getting warnings? Want to understand things a little better? Well, look no further! This topic includes everything YOU need to know about creating a wolf, how to role-play here and many more tips and tricks that can help you around the site!

Character Creation:
 Here at the Ethereal Pack, we love new members who are different from the rest! Be spontaneous with your character, make them exciting! If you are struggling with how your character should look, then go and check out some real wolves [Timber, Arctic, Grey etc] and see what their traits are, coat patterns and anything else that you wish to know.
 If you are struggling with choosing colours, go with natural looks like greys, browns, tans and blacks but don't be afraid to mix them together. You're wolf could be a pure white wolf with brown socks or a brown wolf with black ears. As long as you don't go full out and make them a pink wolf with yellow dots everywhere, then you should be fine.
 Struggling with a name? Don't worry, come up with your own name or do some research on names from other nations or pet names. Any name is acceptable!

Character History and Personality:
 Now here is where it gets a little tougher. Remember, you're wolf isn't perfect, so make their story interesting and their personality different. The history and personality of your wolf helps you get creative and really helps other members understand your wolf. Long histories with lots of excitement, give a large background for your wolf and can really help you expand your role-playing. It may seem hard to create a biography because your wolf is in a 'different world' but it isn't. There were once many packs in the Earth clan, Water clan, Fire clan and Air clan that your wolf could have travelled from. You could say that your wolf once lived in the Air Clan territories and managed to escape, searching for survivors. OR you could say that your wolf was born and raised in a Fire Clan pack however you never wanted to be apart of the destruction and you just want to help put an end to the madness. Those are just examples; be creative and think of ways to make your wolf interesting!
REMEMBER: Your wolfs personality and history affect their strengths and weaknesses as well as their Stats!

How do I Role-play here?
 Role-playing here is just like role-playing in any other pack. Just begin by posting in an active area and meet the Head Ethereal or Head Lanistae. After that, you are free to role-play in any area and meet any member and enjoy in the many fun activities here. Go out and explore the world with friends or on your own, but remember to look out for Fire Clan wolves, as they could appear anywhere outside of the Main Territory area. If you are spotted by one you can attack them [ONLY IF YOU HAVE LEARNED AN ELEMENT], otherwise you must flee the area or find somewhere to hide until they leave.
 When role-playing quests and journeys, you simply role-play your character going over to that area. Once you have reached that area start your first post and then a Fireclan/objective post will be shown a little while later. You do NOT get your objective straight away, you will have to role-play how you found/got it and then once you have, you can return to the Main Territorial Grounds with the objective. After that, edit your post from where you got that quest/journey from [The Quests/Journeys Board] to say that you have completed it at _______ time and on _________ forum, then simply wait for a message from the Head Ethereal or Head Lanistae and you will be able to receive your prize.

Got a question about character creation, roleplay or anything else? Simply send a message to a Lead or Head and they can get back to you ASAP!
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