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Mates and Pups

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Mates and Pups Empty Mates and Pups

Post by Terrae on Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:04 pm

Mates and Pups


  1. This is NOT a dating site. Mates and pups are allowed but if I see you taking it into the Chat Box or acting as though you are 'in-love' out side of role-play you will receive a warning. If you continue then you will be banned.
  2. No need for so much mushiness. Yes, through role-play 'I love you' and 'licked his maw' is fine but nothing that gets sexual. Keep it PG 13.
  3. If your character is having pups, you will need to use the Pup Dice [Read Dice Information page]. If you do not get the amount of pups you want, don't delete your post and roll again, it makes it more interesting to see how you can role-play tragedy.
  4. Don't go overboard. This means when you are having pups, don't start explaining every detail about it. Here is a good example of a GOOD role-played pup birth.

   Terrae Posts: "She could feel the pain in her stomach. It was time. She laid down and took deep breaths."
   Dice Master Posts: " Pup Dice rolled: Answer= 2 pups born still"
   Terrae Posts: "She licked the pups clean and searched for any sign of life. Nothing. They were gone. She couldn't do anything."

  5. Don't ask others to be your mate or to have pups with you. Mates     happen over time and both of you must agree and show in role-play how you became mates. Sending messages to others saying "Be my Mate" will get you a warning and if it continues a ban.

What is a Mate?
A mate is another wolf that your character is in a relationship with [through Role-Play]. Over time if you show in role-play that your CHARACTER becomes good friends with another wolf and then shows that they have a 'crush' on that wolf, then you can role-play a scenario of how they became mates.

When/How can my Character have Pups?
Your character can have pups 3 weeks after what we call "The Poof" scene. Basically if you both agree to have pups, than you can role-play something like this.
   Boy Wolf Posts: "Could you see me as a father? I don't know, but... I've always wanted pups. You know? Have my own kids, train them everything I know."
   Girl Wolf Posts: "I known what you mean. I want pups too. We could train them and they would be the best pups ever! "THE POOF" "

'The Poof' is there so you don't have to role-play anything sexual. If anyone ever has sexual posts then the post will be removed and user will be given a warning.

The Birth and Ageing of pups
After you have done "The Poof" scene, you [or whoever is the female wolf character] must wait 3 NORMAL weeks until you will give birth. You can show signs of your wolf changing such as she gets fatter, angrier or more hungry etc. If you are unsure exactly what day or week to role-play the pup birth, just message a Head or Lead and they can tell you when you should role-play it. It should go something like this though:
   Saturday 1st June: The Poof
   Friday 7th June: Wolf is showing signs aggression
   Friday 14th June: Wolf is beginning to 'swell up'
   Friday 21st June: Birth scene [Roll pup dice]
After the birth of your pups, you [or your mate] will need to take care of the pups until they are ONE month old. After the pup birth, the puppies will age differently than normal. Each week they will be One month more than before.
   Friday 21st June: One pup born
   Friday 28th June: Pup is One month
   Friday 5th July: Pup is Two Months
Once your pup is one month old, they are allowed to be taken care of by a Magister. After 8 months old, they are put into the group 'Eruditio' which allows them to be given a Lanistae who will train them for what they need to know in life. After the pup is 8 months old, they age like a normal wolf [They become ONE when it is their BIRTHDAY]. After they are One years old, they are eligible to go on Quests and Journeys however if they wish to still take lessons from a Lanistae, they are eligible to do so.

What is the Pup dice and how do I use it?
The Pup Dice is what you will use when you are giving birth. It is used to determine how many pups you will have. Most options result in healthy pups however some are not. To use the dice, You will need to click 'POST REPLY' at the bottom/top of a forum. You should come to a page that looks like this:

Mates and Pups Screen11
At the bottom of your text box, it will say 'DICES ROLL'. The choice tab has different dices there that you will need to choose. For pups you would obviously choose the Pup Dice. Next to the choice tab, there is a text box that will have a number in it. Make sure it is ALWAYS set to 1. You can then type in your message in the Larger Text Box above and click send. Your post will appear along with the Dices outcome.

I got a result for pups that I didn't want; Can I redo?
No you are highly advised not to REDO a dice roll/pup birth. Where is the fun in role-playing a different outcome? An outcome that is not what you wanted makes Role-playing more exciting!
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