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The Elements -Moves and More- Sxyla0 The Elements -Moves and More- Surren10

The Elements -Moves and More-

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The Elements -Moves and More- Empty The Elements -Moves and More-

Post by Ordo on Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:43 pm

The Elements

How do I role-play an element?
It is quite simple. You will role-play the same as you have been previously except when you go to use a move, you must specify what move and where is goes etc. For example:
Ordo Posts: "The Fire clan wolf began to ran at Ordo. He suddenly jumped slightly to the side and began to bend the move Soil Wall."
After you have posted your attack [along with your dice roll] you must wait until the opponent replies with their attack/move and then their dice roll. After their dice roll, you can then continue on. When you use a move, you have to say which one it is. You don't have to use moves, you can also bite, scratch and tackle of cause.

Earth Element

Dust Crush: This move takes some surrounding soil and throw it at a target through levitation
Rock Throw: Soil will be picked up from the ground and transform into a large rock. It will then levitate in the air until it needs to be thrown at a target or dropped
Hidden Vines: [CAN ONLY BE USED IN FORESTS] Vines from trees will lash out from the forest trees
Stuck Grass: [CAN ONLY BE USED WHERE THERE IS GRASS] Grass will grown very thick and sticky causes certain areas to be like a giant spiderweb on the ground
Razor Leaf: [CAN ONLY BE USED WHEN NEAR TREES] Leaves from trees will all come out and levitate in the air
Soil Wall: The soil/ground will come up from the earth and form a thick soil wall
Rock Smash: [ONLY USED ON ROCKS] Rocks will be crushed and compressed until they break and smash

Water Element
Water Pulse: This is a good move when trying to be stealthy. Wolves will be able to use this move from 450 meters away from an opponent. It detects the heart rate of an opponent and can also tell how far away they are exactly
Rain Fall: Because clouds are just stored water, the bender will be able to take some water from the clouds and poor it heavily or weakly down to the ground or onto an opponent.
Water Snake: [CAN ONLY BE USED BY OCEAN OR RIVER] A large snake like tentacle forms from out of the water. The size can vary depending how experienced the bender is
Freeze Frame: This attack takes water from a surrounding water source [clouds, river etc] and brings it down onto and opponent or area and freezes it solid
Water Bolt: Large amounts of water are taken from a water source and splashed down onto an opponent or area

Fire Ball: These fires are the size of a soccer ball. They can be thrown at extremely fast speeds
Magma Ball: [NEED TO BE AT A MAGMA LAKE OR HAVE MAGMA ROCK] these balls are the size of a large apple. Though they are small, they can inflict serious damage, even death!
Fire Pelt: This attack makes fire sparks form from thin air and flicks them away from bender
Flame Whip: The bender is able to throw a large long flame of fire at opponent
Hot Sparks: These small sparks can form on the ground and can even occasionally bring on forest fires!

Wind Cutter: This attack sends a large thin shock of air towards an opponent. It is so strong that it is able to push opponents backwards
Strong Winds: This move is made when a bender barks extremely loud a bends this move. The attack pushes opponents backwards up to 500 meters
Clear Ball: [ONLY USED NEAR SNOW(eg, Coal Mt) MOUNTAINS needs cold air] This clear ball of air is thick and actually a solid. The ball can be very small or up to the size of a basket ball and can be thrown long distances
Air Wave: This move sends a large wave of air forward. This wave can co on for up to 700 meters
Wind Lift: This move enables the bender to push pull or throw objects. The bender is able to hold an object for a maximum of 10minutes before the air gives way and breaks
Cold Rush: [ONLY USED IN COLD OR DRY AREAS] The bender sends a rush of cold air towards an object or opponent. This move can freeze small object and occasionally give frost bite to opponents. It is a good move for storing medical supplies

Other Things

Any new moves will be added here and benders will be notified
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