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Rules and Laws of the Pack

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Rules and Laws of the Pack Empty Rules and Laws of the Pack

Post by Terrae on Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:05 pm

Rules and Laws of The Ethereal Pack
This pack can only thrive if its laws are taken into consideration. If you are a new member to the pack or just a pack ally, it is best to Read through these Laws and remember to check back here whenever you have a question or thought about posting or sharing something.

Laws of The Ethereal Pack

  1. All pack members are respected equally. Even the lowest members still have dignity, each member is treated with respect no matter what rank they are.
  2. No harassing other players. By that, it means that you will NOT begin bad mouthing other users. There are times when you can be 'mean' to others through role-play, but in NO-WAY are you allowed to personally message someone and harass them about something.
  3. Personal Details are PERSONAL. We don't need to know where you live [country is the only thing acceptable], your name or anything that you wouldn't tell a stranger. If someone asks you too much personal information, tell them it is personal and Contact a Earth Bounder or Ethereal Head.
  4. No SPAM! SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. If your posts consist of less than 3 sentences [unless it is in the game section] than it is considered SPAM and your message will be deleted within 24 hours unless you update/edit it.
  5. No gore; meaning that if you are attacking an opponent or getting a kill, we don't need to know how much blood was spilt or where all the insides went. Keep it child friendly!!
  6. You're NOT INVINCIBLE! On the site you can see that each member has a Hp Bar. You Hp lowers in battles with Fire Clan wolves [or animals you have caught in hunts]. If your Hp gets below 10% than you must Flee or use a potion.
  7. You cannot get an element until you have taken the required lessons and training by the Head Lanistae. Once you have gotten that training you can than purchase a Element Stone and take it to a Mystical Pond for your element.
  8. Do NOT misuse your privileges of have an element. This means that you cannot attack other members or other living animal [Only Fire Clan wolves can be attacked].
  9. Use proper english and grammar! It is fine if you have made a mistake in you sentence, but you need to show that you are capable of using proper english and grammar so it is easy for others to understand.
  10. NO complaining. If something doesn't go your way or someone gets something in the shop [that you wanted] and is then 'RUN OUT', don't start complaining about it. It is really annoying and it is just pointless.
  11. Use Chat Box wisely! The Chat Box on the site is a privilege. Same rules apply to the Chat Box as does when you role play. If you are found cursing or harassing someone through chat box, than you will be given a warning and band from the Chat Box for X amount of days/weeks/months.
  12. [Not really a rule but it implies] Have Fun! The only way that this pack will be fun, is if you make it fun. Contribute to games, journeys, challenges and play. Be friendly to members and just enjoy yourself!

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