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The Elements/Powers Guide Empty The Elements/Powers Guide

Post by Terrae on Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:40 pm

What is a Power/Element?

 A power is known as an Element. Every wolf is eligible to gain an Element. The only way that one can receive a chosen element is by completing at least five quests before consulting the Lead Lanistae. The Lanistae is a teacher of each element. They are one of the only wolves that are eligible to know and learn all four elements. When you meet the Head Lanistae, you must tell them specifically what element you wish to learn. You can learn only one element so research it and choose WISELY, as once you have chosen to learn that element, you can not have a 'do-over'.
 Once you have completed the lessons successfully [you are marked out of 100% for each lesson/task] then you receive a certificate from the Head Lanistae [which you shall receive in your messages/PM] which will include a CODE which you can take to the shop. When you purchase your specific Stone you will need to hand in your CODE to activate it.

Activation and Purchase
Once you receive your message from the Head Lanistae, you can use the CODE inside the message and take it to the shop. Tell the Clerk that you wish to perchase ---- Stone and then include the CODE that you received from the Lanistae.
 "I would like to purchase a Water Stone. My CODE from the Head Lanistae is 123ABC."

You will then receive your Stone from the clerk [please wait until the roleplayer for the Clerk has posted] and you must then travel to one of the Mystical ponds.

The Mystic Ponds
After you have receive your stone, you need to travel to a Mystic Pond in order for you to gain your power. The stone must be placed in the middle of the pond [and you would need to be standing in the water] and then the stone will evaporate and the Element of that Stone will be in you.

Rules About Having Elements
The elements clearly will have rules. The elements are allowed to be given to anyone who has accomplished many tasks. If people misbehave with elements, they will be given warnings and if they continue they will be banned.

  1. You will not misbehave or misuse these powers. This means you are not allowed to attack wolves from your own clan, you are only able to attack wolves when in battle [through quests not through fights with other members]
  2. You are not INVINCIBLE, you will receive a list of moves that damages your opponent and your opponent will also have a list of moves given to them. You must use one move and roll the Attack Dice which will show how much damage is done to the users Hp.
  3. You cannot use your power to attack a Lead or Head of a rank. If you do, you will be stripped from the Element and given a warning.
  4. You cannot win every round with an opponent. If your Hp gets lower than 10%, then you must turn and flee or use a healing potion.

Use your element wisely. Remember, you mess up once with your element, you loose it forever and you are unable to learn a new one or buy a new stone.
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