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Post by Terrae on Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:10 pm

About The Ethereal Pack Create.php?text=The%20Ethereal%20Pack&name=Yesterday%20Again
Long ago, 4 clans lived in harmony together as one pack. Suddenly, out of nowhere the Fire Clan attacked. They sent fire balls, heat waves and flames into the territories of each clan. Earth clan had managed to block the large and horrific attacks, however, Water and Air clans were not so lucky. Many wolves who had not learned the abilities that their clans provide were unable to make it and were either captured by the fire clan, or killed. Earth Clan wolves have been spread out through the territory and many Fire Clan wolves are still in the area. We can treat sick and injured wolves in Earth clan, and keep Fire Clan wolves away. We must go on quests and journeys to find other stranded wolves whether they are from Water, Air or Earth clan. It is up to us to keep the Ethereal Pack together. Will you join us?

 This is a fantasy/realistic pack. We have many traits that show wolves are still kept realistic [They still act like wolves, they walk on 4 legs, they hunt like normal wolves]. The only unrealistic/fantasy thing about the pack is that wolves have unrealistic coat patterns and eye colours and they also have powers. Wolves are not allowed to be colours such as pink or purple or green. If they wish to have markings in this colour, they must buy paint which they can wash off or change at any point in time. The powers that the wolves have can only be learnt by consulting the Head Lanistae. They teach wolves the certain abilities, techniques and skills needed in order for a wolf to learn an Element. Once the wolf has 'graduated' and learned what he/she needs to know in order to gain such power, than they are eligible to buy a Stone [Water, Earth, Fire or Air] in order to have the element.
 Wolves are only able to learn ONE power though [Eg. once your wolf learns Earth, they cannot learn Fire, Air or Water. Head Lanistae's are the only wolves allowed to learn all four elements]. The Packs currency [Pecuniam] can be gained by helping the pack, entering contests, quests and journeys and a few other ways. Each wolf starts off with 25 Pecuniam however is unable to buy anything from the shop until she/he has completed ONE beginners quest. Each week, member's receive at least 5P and the maximum they can receive is 15P.


If there are any other questions about the pack, please read other forums in the information section, of send a message to the Ethereal Head.
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